Available Services

Inbox and Calendar

We manage and sort through all incoming mail in your inbox.  We provide responses to all brand inquiries promptly and professionally. You will have full transparency and visibility into all opportunities that from all paid and gifting collaborations. We will ensure that your calendar is up to date with all deadlines and any important dates. We will work with you to on your schedule and provide daily updates, weekly meetings to ensure your success.

Image Development

We help you to develop your image and product. We provide you with current social media trends and ideas to help enhance your image and online

presence. We provide coaching and mentoring and adhoc webinars with special speakers who are top

influencers in their industry. Our goal

is to support your success. 

Campaign Management

All campaigns are managed through us. We help with contract negotiations, contract briefings, contract approval process, invoice management and scheduling.

Invoicing and Payment

We work with brands to manage all payments and keep track on payments that have been received and ones that are due. We take the guesswork of managing what is paid and what is owed. We work with you to ensured that payments is received in your account and visibility into your current and future earnings based on current contracts.

Brand Deal Contract Negotiation and Review and Agency Outreach

We welcome working with brands and talent agencies on your behalf. We will work closely with your talent agency that you are currently signed to on contract reviews. We primarily manage talents that are already signed with an agency or need help negotiating brand deals pricing for posting digital content. We will work with you on an outreach strategy to help grow your brand.

Metrics and Reporting

We provide and engagement report for every brand campaign which enables brands to see ROI.


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